Dream To Fly

Do you dare to dream, under this midnight sky

Dream of love, dream to fly

Let your mind soar, leaving your problems below

When you wake up, will you let your mind glow

Do you dare to dream


When reality comes, will you let them try

To crush your dreams, tell you their just a lie

Or will you stand up, and just tell them no

Will you dare to dream


Will you do the impossible, or just tie life’s ty

Let your spirit soar, with no deny

Will you sit down and stop, or will you just get up and go

Will you prove us wrong, or join imagination’s foe

Will you follow your dreams, or will you tell them goodbye

Will you, Dream to Fly

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Inlove With This Rhyme

I know that you don’t want to listen

But trust me when i say, that you’ll be missing

You say that you don’t have any time

But trust me when i say that you’ll fall inlove with this rhyme


I know that the love we had

Was good turned into bad

Whenever i think of you, my stars aline

As you fall inlove with this rhyme


Face to face

Looking into your eyes, i fall into space

I love you, so will you please answer the question, which is mine

And listen to this rhyme


I know we have grown apart

But please may we just again start

Me and you together for all time

Close forever, falling inlove with this rhyme






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